1. I’m female. duuuuuuuh!
2. I’m married.
3. I am the parent of one child.
4. One child only.
5. No, we’re really serious about the one child.
6. Please don’t ask us why we won’t open our hearts to a second child.
7. And while I’m at it, don’t ask me why I won’t open my heart to Jesus, either.
8. Or else I might have to stab you with my knitting needles.
9. I’m actually a pretty compulsive knitter.
10. Pay no attention to my yarn stash which is about to level up to sentience.
11. My son is whip smart.
12. No really, it’s not just bragging. In terms of Howard Gardner, he hits in the logical/mathematical, spatial, and kinesthetic learning categories.
13. This means he’s a spastic deft monkeychild who loves to count and build things.
14. He also likes cous cous.
15. No, the food. As far as animals goes, he likes lemurs, rhinos, and dinosaurs.
16. The husband is a geek genius.
17. We live where we do for his job.
18. I telecommute.
19. It, and my job, rule.
20. I cook. A lot.
21. This is sort of reflected in my physique.
22. I am Jewish, my husband is Catholic.
23. Yes, it works for us.
24. Yes, I really am this snarky in real life.
25. No, I try not to swear in front of the kid.

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  1. Hey Cynth!!!

    Hope all is well. I wanted to ask your husband if he knew where i could get a used circulator for us to use on Sous Vide. Jessica thought he might have a line on used equipment such as this. No hurry!


  2. Cynthia-Love your random stuff list. And my hubster is Jewish, I’m Episcopalian. I’m right there with you on it works, don’t knock it. And no kids here. Love other people’s kids and then love to send them back home with the parents! 😉

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